Waterfront Development

A rising tide truly does lift all boats.

Active waterfronts are magnets for people to gather whether arriving by land or water. The intersection of land and sea is where the magic happens, creating a stage for multiple businesses to thrive, people to perform, and communities to engage. Thoughtfully developing the conditions to meet the needs and expectations of superyachts results in enhanced infrastructure, improved services and elevated experiences accessible to multiple users, recreational and commercial, local and visiting.

Operating a successful waterfront destination involves the coordination of numerous moving pieces. Let us help you with an operations plan that organizes and manages success for your property.

We specialize in:

  • Marine Services Management
  • Marine Security Planning
  • Capital Project Management
  • Repairs & Maintenance Planning
  • Tenant Development & Management
  • Parking Operations
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Budget Planning

Superyacht East Coast is uniquely positioned with the expertise and contacts necessary to support elevating your location into a sought-after marine tourism destination. Contact us to learn more!

What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Adam and Amanda to understand the importance of breaking down our project into definable components in order to help our community and partners understand the bigger picture opportunity of our harbour and waterfront has been integral to our success. In a short time, they helped advance and support multiple initiatives and played a significant role in our committee’s recent recognition with a regional economic impact award. These guys are pros!”

Steven Goldthwaite, Chairman, Waterfront Baddeck Committee

“Amanda has transformed the way IGNITE communicates on our social channels, making our channels more engaging and bringing our brand to life through storytelling and marketing. The change has been recognized internally with our team feeling more connected to our social media channels and externally with significant increased engagement across all platforms – growing our reach by over 700%!”

Doug Jones – CEO, IGNITE Atlantic

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