Signature Lighthouse Itinerary

Guiding your way and capturing your heart.

Explore the magical coastline from Maine to Nova Scotia with our Signature Lighthouse Itinerary!

The East Coast is known for idyllic, sweeping coastal scenery that is nothing short of majestic. Accompanying these seascape views are more than 200 lighthouses, that are not only picturesque but also an important part of the region’s rich maritime history. With 19,000 km (12,000 miles) of combined coastline to explore you’ll find iconic lighthouses dotting our connected coast. To help focus your search we have highlighted some of Maine and Nova Scotia’s most popular lighthouses and organized them by region to inform your itinerary.

Start your adventure at Fore Points Marina, Portland, Maine and embark on our Signature Lighthouse Itinerary with recommendations for destination ports and options to “explore more” in each region!

Scroll through the itinerary below or to download a copy, click here!

Stay tuned for more itineraries – COMING SOON!

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